Break, Make, Fix, Learn, Repeat

It’s many things! It’s a community lab and workshop. It’s a place for tinkerers, makers, engineers, educators, scientists, artists, hackers, and geeks in general to come together to work and/or collaborate with other like-minded individuals. It’s a place to come try and fix that snow blower that stopped working years ago. It’s a place to sew that button back on your shirt that you’ve avoided wearing. It’s a place to build staging material for a local play.
To bring the first makerspace/hackerspace to the region of Bangor, ME. Our purpose in the community is to offer a place where makers, tinkerers, artists, craftsmen and craftswomen, hobbyists, and teachers come together to share resources, tools, and experiences
While makerspaces/hackerspaces in general aren’t a new thing, we’ve found that they’re pretty useful to the surrounding community at large. Sharing knowledge is important: having a collaborative work-space, helping others, as well as having the ability to learn and educate oneself during and/or well after completing a formal education, and last but not least the ability to work on your own cool projects whether it be work or hobbyist related – and the resources to do so.
Other makerspaces/hackerspaces, of course!!! One of our co-founders from Louisville, KY was a contributing member to the LVL1 hackerspace for more than 5 years. You’ll find quite a bit of influence coming from them reflected in our goals and mission.
The Bangor Makerspace is a registered 501(c3) charitable non-profit organization and as such we can accept donations of equipment and/or money. (Your donation may even qualify to be tax-deductible!)